About me

I study and research biology in graduate school.  Specifically, I am studying metabolic physiology.

My favorite thing to do is cook, and of course eat what I cook.  I've also become an avid reader - especially about science, nutrition, and food.  As you'll see, I'm essentially obsessed with anything food.  And fortunately, my girlfriend enjoys being along for the ride.

Just as any individual, and despite my best efforts of objectivity, I am biased.  I am skeptical of many claims made by health sections of periodicals.  I eat lots of whole foods and plenty of fat.  I think sugar and white flour are primarily responsible for our bankrupt diet.  I don't eat a lot of carbohydrates. Antioxidants are mystifying, and definitely not a panacea.  Following these principles, I weigh far less than I did in high school.  So at least for now, I'm sticking to them.