Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Roast Chicken and Salad

     My girlfriend and I had a wonderful homemade dinner this past Saturday.  Not only was it wonderful because it was with her (*wink*), but also because it was lowish-carb and fairly sustainable.

     We followed a recipe from Cook's Illustrated for a Peruvian Style roast chicken.  We bought an organic free-range bird from Trader Joe's.  The two meals we got out of it made it absolutely worth the $12 (versus $7 conventionally raised).

     The chicken was dressed with a homemade spicy mayo.  It consisted of blended spices, herbs, egg (I try to make free range my staple), and olive oil.  Rocky may have used raw eggs to build muscle, I use them for emulsions.

     The chicken was accompanied by a large spinach salad.  Beets, red bell pepper, cucumber, and feta, with a balsamic vinaigrette.

     For dessert, we made vanilla-bourbon pudding (not pictured to hide the evidence).  I'd been meaning to use vanilla beans gifted to me a couple of Christmases ago, and this seemed like an ideal recipe.  Despite the long time, they were still manufacture-sealed and remained fresh.  There's no denying that the pudding had plenty of sugar and ensured this wasn't a truly low carb supper.  But hey, it was the weekend.

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  1. Hi Moose,

    I read "The Paleo Diet" by Loren Cordain. I don't really care if the premise is proven true, but it makes sense to me not to stick rocket fuel into a body that can run fine on regular.
    I am concerned about the enviromental impacts and cost. My justification, and my hope is that for people over 50, this diet makes a lot of sense, and can reduce long term medical costs by reducing susceptibility to age on set diabetes, high blood pressure, CVD, etc. My guess is that the redution in medical costs could outweigh the environmental cost. People under 50 may not benefit as much from this diet.

    My typical diet is sardines in water, (no salt) and a banana for breakfast. Fish or turkey breast and vegetables for lunch. Similar for dinner. I eat much more vegetables and fruit than I ever have. No dairy, no salt. At this point the meals are a little boring, but I have a cookbook that I hope will add some pizazz.
    The goal is very low fat, with a higher percentage of the right kind of fats.

    Love the blog, recipes look great and the photos are just too deliciously tempting!