Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bison/Beef bone broth

Dinner this past week was accompanied by homemade bone broth.  It's my celebration of obscure grass-fed cuts of meat from the farmer's market.  I used bone-marrow bones and neck bones.  Cuts that are primarily bone are essentially scraps and are much cheaper than steak cuts.

First, I roasted the bones at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, I chopped up some celery, carrots, and onion.  I had some pre-chopped garlic on hand, so that cut a step (pun intended).

I removed the bones from the oven and made sure they had a nice roasted-brown color.  I had to be careful with the marrow bones as the fatty marrow can easily burn if left unchecked.  

I added the meat, vegetables, and 10 cups of water to my slow cooker.  I used parsley stems, a bay leaf, salt, and whole peppercorns for a bit of an accent.  I left the ceramic bowl in the fridge overnight, and simply put it in the slow cooker before leaving for the lab in the morning.

After cooking for ten hours, the broth was rich and the meat and vegetables were tender.  I strained the broth and ate the meat and vegetables.  And I definitely did not skim off the fat.  I paid a premium for what relatively little fat is left on the grass-fed meat!

A hot cup of broth is perfect for washing down roasted meat.  Just like an Inuit would!

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