Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day BBQ

I enjoyed some delicious BBQ with my friends AA and KR at their house on Memorial Day.  Unfortunately I was a bit slow with my camera so I couldn't photo-document all the food.  My friend (KR) bought the meat and veggies, I brought some fixings and prepared the meat, and my other friend (AA) grilled it.  We make a great team.

Coconut-curried chicken and sausage

Sausages and burgers
BBQ seasoned flap-meat steaks (used my stock BBQ rub)
Jerk chicken thighs (again, my stock Jerk rub)
Coconut-curried chicken breasts

  1. Mix a can of unsweetend coconut milk with a few generous dashes of fish sauce, soy-sauce, and Siracha
  2. Chop 1/4 cup of cilantro and 2 serrano chilies, then add to marinade.
  3. Squeeze two lime's worth of juice into marinade.
  4. Add 1 tbsp of sweet curry powder, then mix.
  5. Save some marinade to add to chicken once it comes off the grill.  This really makes the dish.
  6. Add chicken to marinade, let rest, then grill.
I served the chicken with more fish sauce and Siracha.  Limes and cilantro are always welcome.  KR also prepared her always-amazing cheese-stuffed grilled chili peppers.  She made both jalapeños and medium chilies.  

To celebrate, I made sugar-free Dark N' Stormy's.  I used gold rum with a dash of Jamaican rum, plenty of lime juice, and topped them up with diet ginger ale.  These would explain why I was a bit slow with the camera...

Happy Memorial Day!

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