Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Weekend Farmers Market

The girlfriend has been traveling through Europe this weekend, so I had the weekend to myself.  And like any red-blooded bachelor with a free weekend would do, I went to the Santa Monica farmers market.

I was happy to see a vendor selling young coconuts.  I took the opportunity to buy one on my way out and enjoy it while walking the beach.  Coconut water and sun-derived vitamin D - a Sunday afternoon that would please any Paleo-diet advocate.  And yes, after finishing the water I did scrape up the coconut meat with a spoon.

I  mostly gathered (no Paleo-pun intended) vegetables from the market.  Unfortunately the beef vendor ran out of the cheap obscure cuts such as soup-bones or liver, so I'll just have to return another time for some good ole' grass-fed beef.  I also had to pick up some eggs to sit on (again, no pun intended) until next week.  I still have some farmers market eggs, but I just couldn't help myself from picking up more.  And I thought I would get another bunch of beets before I commit to spring and summer vegetables.  

Beets not pictured since they were being roasted!
I had to stock up on beans since I can't get them at the Torrance market.  The vendor confirmed my suspicions that black beans cook much easier than red or other beans.  I can slow-cook black beans on low while I'm on campus and return in the evening to tender beans, but other beans aren't quite as expedient.  Though the piquinto beans should be just as easy.  I'll report on those later.

And of course I had to make a farmers market salad.  I soaked the lettuce and cherries to shed off the dirt - and there was plenty - before dressing the salad with roasted beets, chopped cherries, avocado, Trader Joe's Orange Chicken, and tomatoes.  I used the orange sauce to make an orange-lime vinaigrette.  

Good and low-glycemic load ;)

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