Sunday, May 1, 2011

Omelet with Berries, or, the Low Carb Pancake?

     I had breakfast with my mom this morning, and in good form, we had a low carb - "whole food" sort of meal.  We have been meaning to try one of her long-lost recipes that she realized would be great for low carb eating.  I do not know quite what to call it, but it is simply eggs served with sour cream and berries on top.  It is essentially a low carb pancake.

     My mom learned about this recipe from a diner back in Minnesota and it was originally served with strawberries.  I generally do not like to eat low carb version of carb-heavy meals (low carb "x").  I prefer meals that are inherently lower in carbs or that easily translate.  "Low carb lasagna," which is layers of spinach, vegetables, meat, and cheese is not lasagna and just does not quite do it for me.  I prefer to have meals such as lasagna as a Saturday supper or a celebration food.  But it is nice to find alternative-like meals.
     While this meal is reminiscent of pancakes or crêpes, it really is it's own thing.  It has a certain Bon Appétit flare, or dare I say sophistication.  It would be excellent (egg-cellent?) for brunch.  But I see it as a weekend meal that can fulfill that Saturday morning pancake craving.

Egg Pancake with Fruit
  1. Whisk one or two eggs with cream and a small pinch of salt.
  2. Fry egg in butter - stir egg initially to create lumps of cooked egg, then cook flat.
  3. Flip once and cook until just finished - although the girlfriend would prefer well done ;)
  4. Spread sour cream, top with fruit, and sprinkle a dash of Splenda or even sugar.  Or no sweetener!
     We served it with bacon and split an orange from the backyard.  Oh!  And we had peaberry coffee that was gifted to me by some friends who recently visited Kauai.  Remember, "low carb" doesn't mean "no-carb."  So always remember, a breakfast like this has plenty of variety, and is more nutrient dense than a bowl of even the most whole-grain cereal.  

Good morning!

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